An Amish Awakening reviews

 "One of the best books I've ever read!!"

"Absolutely a "must" read...this will impact your heart."

"Rick leland is a great writer."

"Awesome read!!'

"I highly recommend this book for anyone who wonders about the Amish faith."

Loved it! Engaging book...made me think over in my own life. I recommend it!

“Rick, I will read everything you write…you have something important to say.”

"The book is so riveting for its story and intense spiritual content!"

"Fascinating and engaging. I truly enjoyed learning about the Amish culture while being inspired by the work of Jesus in one life amongst us."

"It is an amazing story and well written."

"Not your typical Amish book."

"A wonderful story about inner struggle, Spiritual growth, love for others and the true blessing of knowing the Lord."

"Having read a lot of Amish fiction, I really looked forward to reading a true story and was not disappointed. His conversion and visit to heaven were miraculous."

"But mostly I love the parts of the book where Mark really starts to look to Jesus and the Bible for all his answers" 

 "Reading this book makes me want to have Mark and Frieda over for dinner!"

"I finished An Amish, what a story; it really left an impression on my heart..."

Linda, Faith View Books

An Amish Awakening...a tenderhearted sojourn to Heaven and back

In the book An Amish Awakening, the recounting of Mark Paul Troyer's going to Heaven experience is the centerpiece of this captivating true story.

Yet his life prior to this event is correspondingly as fascinating. Including his first-person insights into growing up Amish, facing family tragedy, and his inner turmoil regarding the meaning of being Amish. Along with his time of rebellion. While the aftermath of his journey to Heaven courses unpredictably amid victory and lament. With plot twists, unequalled even in works of fiction.

Mark was born Amish. As an adult working in a factory one day, as he puts it, "It was just like a whirlwind caught me up, whirling me away from where I was." And then he continues, “Just as quickly, I came out of this sensation of being in a whirlwind. And the first thing I saw in the distance was Jesus Christ, coming towards me.”

Churches filled up. Crowds gathered when they found out Mark would be speaking at an Amish person’s barn, a simple workshop, or at a widow’s home. And countless people dropped by his home unannounced. They wanted to hear his story.

This is the true story of Mark Paul Troyer. Yes, it’s the story everyone wanted to hear. And the book:  An Amish Awakening, is Mark’s life—his remarkable life-story. An Amish story like no other. A story like no other!

Get your copy today!

 Book 1

Jesus at Walmart...a Reed Shaking in the Wind

In this fully stocked 246-page novel two beloved favorites come together—Jesus and Walmart. Fueled by Pastor Malachi Marble’s fall from faith, which tumbles him into the late night world of Walmart.

Author Rick Leland spent fourteen months working as a Walmart Overnight Stocker doing research for the book. Well, not purely for research.

“Actually I needed the money to live on,” Leland said. “But I knew God was working something out in my life, as inspiration for Jesus at Walmart emerged even before my first night’s work was over.”

Walk past the greeter; into the heart of Walmart with Malachi Marble. Grab a shopping cart. You’ll need something to hang onto during this trip to Walmart like no other.

And when you exit Jesus at Walmart, expect to leave a changed person


Reader and Reviewer Comments

"I love the Jesus at Walmart books… a great read and refreshing for my life."

"An awesome book!  Go God!"

"Thank you...I have been touched and moved through your writing."

"This book is great, and inspires a desire to reach out. For anyone looking for encouragement, this is it."

"I was so pulled into the book that I could not put it down. We all go thru our trials and this put it out so well. Really inspiring."

"I would definitely read more of Rick Leland's books."

"I loved this book! I couldn't put it down."

"I had a blast reading them." 

"A couple crazy surprises already popping up in Book 2."

"The Bible verses and songs in the book are so appropriate for the message! Would highly recommend these books!"

"Couldn't put it down. Cannot wait to read the next one. This book is so inspirational and a definite read. I would recommend it to ANYONE."

"This is an awesome book! Rick Leland is a great writer and this story is a good example of how we as Christians ought to see every situation."

"This book changed my life thank you! It uses down to earth people and places, feels like a true story. I want to get a job at Walmart now :)"

"I really loved this book. I really love how we need Jesus at our workplace and not just at church."

"I have been angry with God for some time. This novel was God's way of bringing me back to Him."

"A really inspirational story and shows how God can bless you when life-difficulties face you. This is real life stuff. Thank you for the blessing it was to me."

"Refreshing, real, and raw describe author Rick Leland's first work."

"I found the book amazing; ordinary people with all the same problems we have today. It' a must read. Heartwarming and uplifting."

"God clearly used this book to speak to me. I highly recommend this one."

"Darling story. You’ll never feel the same when you shop at Walmart."

"I love, love, loved these books."

"Rick, thank you for these Jesus at Walmart books. I just finished the third one and I am in tears. I loved each of them."

Book 2

Jesus at Walmart...the Cost

In book two of the Jesus at Walmart Trilogy, Malachi Marble is still working at Walmart.

The former pastor, toils through the night while attempting to keep the desire of his heart alive—his passion to serve God and his coworkers at the store.

Join Malachi as his life, his faith, and his yearnings become exposed to vulnerability’s limit.

Again walk past the greeter, into the heart and soul of Walmart with Malachi. And find yourself in a story that can change your life.


Book 3

Jesus at on the Earth

The ever-endearing Malachi Marble continues his journey of faith, blended with his characteristic moments of faltering. His uncertainty. His overly analytical mind.

The emotionally propelled story tugs at the heart. And at the same time, laughter rousing scenes abound.

Throughout its pages, Jesus at Walmart…fire on the Earthserves up a unique sampling of insightfulness.  Malachi Marble style—with God’s amazing grace.

The story’s intriguing cast of characters, breathe life into this page-turning adventure full of plot twists and surprises.

Jesus Doesn't Have Facebook

Two-time Amazon bestselling author Rick Leland takes you on a journey, as he calls it, "Up Snake Hollow." He and his friends' examination of Facebook redlines the quirky-o-meter.

Yet Leland is full-on serious and puts the shovel to the task of giving a truthful Jesus-lensed view of the cultural phenomena most of us engage with more than what is healthy—body, soul, spirit.

Still, Leland confesses he still enjoys Facebook while offering discerning principles, original perspectives  and some unpredicted merriment. Through all, keeping a solid theological mooring.

While Leland does not write for the click like, and spits some fire, yet he copiously speaks grace and mercy toward all in Jesus Doesn’t Have Facebook…what the crap is going on?. And is fond of acknowledging throughout the book that we all live at different campsites.

Readers may perceive the ride up Snake Hollow getting a little cray cray in in the final chapters of 
Jesus Doesn’t Have Facebook…what the crap is going on?. As the excursion veers onto a we-must-be-lost single track, coursing through two Leland-christened crap piles.

You decide!

Kind Word from Readers

“Unquestionably, a great read, and will likely grab a couple more books by Rick Leland.”

“I would definitely read more of Rick Leland's books.”

“First, applause to you for saying what no one wants to say about Facebook. But I also love your faith in Jesus and God.” 

“Rick Leland is a great writer.”

“I’m reading your book, yeah, it’s quirky. Yet I feel like we’re just sitting together in a car and talking. Rick, good job!”  

“The stories you shared felt like you were telling me as your friend as well. And I loved that.”

“The book most certainly has made me change my Facebook habits. It will certainly make you think!” 

“Interesting debate! If Jesus were alive today, would He have Facebook.”

Due for release in the Fall of 2024. Malchi Marble finds himself in Honduras. At the refugee house. The God-adventure continues!