Living the God Imprinted Life
Living the God Imprinted Life

Living the God Imprinted Life is like spending time with a friend who understands, encourages, and gives you hope.

The author’s vignettes of his own life, the people he knows, and the ones he meets along the way; help us to rediscover: Christian-life is in our everyday, often seemingly simple experiences. Not Sunday only. Not just one big project for God.

Living the God Imprinted Life contains thirty-eight inspirational stories, which the author has augmented with a companion application-focused devotional. With the aim: from the head to the heart to a life that is more God-imprinted.

 *Imprinted: To bear an indelible and distinguishing mark of influence and effect.

Preparing for Revival
Preparing for Revival

Here's a book I've read several times- Preparing for Revival.

The true works of revival, no matter how you view the concept, ultimately involve life change.

For a follower of Jesus change means that we become more like Him--our Master. While for the not-yet born again, this change translates into becoming one of His. Big Change.

Change...Radical. Subtle. Quiet. Boisterous.Change... God allows many expression of what happens in our lives.

I did not write Preparing for Revival. I did convince the author, Dr. Stephen Swihart, to allow me to publish his outstanding work. And offer it as a free e-book.

Preparing for Revival is free. No donation or anything!

Click on the link below for a free eBook in a PDF format. 

Bottom line: Please get Preparing for Revival. Read it. And do what it says.


Live God imprinted,

Rick Leland